Our history

We, humble advocates of a land that contains ancient wisdom and the search for a beneficial innovation.

In this scenario, we live and work ourselves, the Barone Winery Farm founded in 2004 by Giuseppe Di Fiore, Francesco Barone and Perrella.

Where with a complete and deep restructuring of a Social Cellar, we provide, in addition to ourselves, also a structure ready to welcome many visitors, with the opportunity to admire the fruit of our immense passion for our varied products and for this our tormenting and beloved land.

The vines

Our vineyards are spread over twelve hectares of land that is sometimes difficult to tame, but which can be gently combed by rows of vines redesigning the physiognomy of the landscape with neat geometries.

Attentive, together with our winemaker Vincenzo Mercurio, to employ cultural and enological techniques that, while moving in the wake of tradition, are flanked by one of our own; in which we pour all the good of the old, such as the protection of old indigenous grapes, such as S. Sofia and all the best of the new, as our belief in biological reconversion.

Our primary grapes come from Aglianico and Fiano vines, where the seal of the Cilentano character confers to them the allure of the great wines.


The claim of our company embodies the prerogatives that belong to us

Cantine Barone

Our Timeline

vecchia cantina sociale cilentana

Renovation of the old Cantina Sociale del Cilento

From here our future takes hold; armed with joy and passion for this land so full of history and tradition, we began this year to walk the path that will lead us to the search for the good and all that this territory can best express through our products.


francesco barone e giuseppe di fiore

Barone Winery Agricultural Society Foundation

From the union of the passion for the world of wine and the desire to make known how our Cilento territory can offer excellent products, our family is born in which tradition and innovation are rooted.


vigneto cantine barone

New installations

We are in the heart of Cilento, a territory that offers great possibilities of expression to our vineyards.


Di Fiore - Barone - Mercurio

Start collaboration with Winemaker Vincenzo Mercurio

The beginning of the collaboration with the talented Enologist Vincenzo Mercurio allows us to put into practice our common intent: ``Entering the territory, imbued with its moods and traditions to transfer them into wine``.